The vision that we have set before God is that, in the period 2018-2023, we are to found around 70 churches. From the human point of view for us, Holy Fire is impossible to do, but not to God. We have agreed that the purposes we have proposed to be so great as to require the miraculous intervention of God. This vision will only make us more on our knees!

The beautiful results we have achieved over the last two years make us believe that God will bless our vision. Moreover, the Holy Spirit has often spoken to us prophetically about this work that He is leading! Everyone who reads these lines challenges you to join this work and together to pull out of the devil’s hands for God hundreds of thousands and millions of people from Romania in our generation!

We chose this calendar for prayer for cities because we want churches to begin intercession service for un-evangelized cities. There are many of them in which no one has ever been to proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Meditation through prayer prepares the setting up of the Kingdom of God in these cities. The heart of men will be sensitized to receive the word of God, and the demonic structures will be overcome.



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